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What is Capital Concepts?

Are you a numbers person? Or does the word “finance” make you shiver? Finance is an uncomfortable topic for many managers and business owners. 

Keeping your business finances in line requires constant, detailed attention. This can be a challenge for small business owners, whose schedules are full from day-to-day operations.

If you are not actively considering your financials, you are missing out on a key indicator of your business’ health. Finance is much more than just bookkeeping, it is a strategic component of your business operations and a determining factor in your growth, the viability of goals, and the overall longevity of your business. 

Without a comprehensive plan in place that takes your financial position into consideration, businesses are operating in the dark. 

Capital Concepts serves as a proverbial lighthouse in the sea of uncertainty. We operate a vast network of financial expertise and services that can navigate your business through both goals and problems.

How are we different? 

  1. Hands-on Service: 

Financial considerations underlie every aspect of your business. To meet your needs, our team will be with you every step of the way. Our services can be integrated with your business at whatever level is necessary. 

Looking for high-level analysis? We’ve got you covered.

Looking for boots on the ground to implement an entirely new internal control system? We’re with you every step of the way.

Regardless of the level of involvement of specification is necessary to achieve your goals, Capital Concepts has the operational range and skills needed. Our willingness to get “in the trenches” with you sets us apart and ensures targeted solutions to your needs.

  1. Unlimited service at a fixed, flat fee:

One of the most reassuring benefits of an organized financial structure is the comfort of knowing the financial health of your business at any given time. Reducing uncertainty in your expenses is a key component of this.

It’s only right that our services as your financial provider are easy to financially estimate as well. The myriad of customized services that we provide come at a fixed fee. This allows you to feel free to consult us at any time regarding your financial health without dreading an exorbitant bill in the mail for your trouble. 

  1. Specialized expertise and a broad network of contacts:

Our team is diverse and has cultivated a broad network of providers for specialized financial services. This allows us to deal with unique problems/solutions that your business may need.

From cutting edge financial technology tools to operational lending needs, Capital Concepts plays matchmaker between you and financial services firms as needed. We take your business’ size, budget, and needs scope into consideration when matching you with one of our partners, ensuring that you get the right fit. 

What is CapShots?

Financial consultants often under-serve small businesses, forcing owners to use patchwork solutions while trying to grow their respective organizations. This issue creates a host of challenges; however, your organization must continually adapt to growth and changing conditions. If you outgrow your financial control systems, your business is stunting its growth with hidden inefficiencies holding you back. 

CapShots exists for small businesses in this very scenario. CapShots is a “snapshot analysis” tool that measures the financial health of your business at a glance. It is designed to be a financial compass to people with little to no financial background, translating industry concepts into easily digestible language. 

Using an accessible yes/no quiz, CapShots identifies problem areas in your financials and points you towards solutions enabling you to wrap your head around the issue within the larger sphere of financial health. 

Why would a business need it? 

CapShots is built with small businesses in mind, which makes it rare amongst financial tools. Consequently, it is built to identify and solve the financial challenges that are unique to that environment. Using CapShots, you can map the financial course of your business and dodge hazards ahead of time. 

The value of CapShots is its ability to identify and quantify problems in your business financing. 

For example, if you are having cash flow problems, there are a few common causes. Maybe your collections are delayed or inefficient, pricing is below the breakeven point, or margins are too narrow. The function of CapShots is identifying WHERE a problem is occurring, WHAT is causing it, and formulating a solution of HOW to fix it. 

CapShots allows small business owners navigate the problems unique to their scale, all without breaking the bank paying consultation fees. Get on course with your business finances today with CapShots!